Insta Global Ltd.

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Overview of Insta Global Ltd

Company Profile

  • Name: Insta Global Ltd
  • Incorporation Date: 10 January 2022
  • Registered Address: 483 Green Lanes, London, England, N13 4BS
  • Company Status: Dissolved as of 27 June 2023
  • Nature of Business: Classified under SIC Code 73110, indicating activities in the advertising agency sector
  • Company Type: Private Limited Company with Share Capital

Directorial and Operational Insights

  • Director Information: The company had one active director, Mr. Jean-Louis Eugene Pissot, a French national born in September 1950, appointed on the incorporation date of the company.
  • Company Activities: Insta Global Ltd’s business operations fall under the category of advertising agencies, as per its SIC classification.

Financial and Legal Status

  • Dissolution Details: The company was dissolved via compulsory strike-off approximately one and a half years after its incorporation.
  • Financial Records: Financial information such as total liabilities, cash in bank, debt ratio, total assets, net assets, employee count, and turnover were not reported.
  • Legal Filings: Insta Global Ltd had no recorded mortgages or charges against the company.

Additional Information

  • General Background: The company’s relatively short operational period and lack of detailed financial records indicate limited business activities during its existence.
  • Geographical Location: Based in London, the company was registered in the United Kingdom.

Insta Global Ltd’s brief operational history and its classification as an advertising agency point towards a focused but short-lived venture in the marketing sector. The dissolution of the company within a relatively short period post-incorporation suggests constraints in either market adaptation or operational execution.

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